Differently Abled? Who? Them or Us?

“oh! poor thing! She is blind! What will happen to her? Who will even marry her? We’ll have to look for another blind boy or a disables one at the least!”

“ I am sorry but we cannot employ you. You can’t even walk, how will you work?”

“He is deaf and mute, how can I employ him? My whole team will have to put in so much effort just to communicate one sentence with him! No! No! We can’t employ him, and it’s better for him only! Otherwise he’ll feel left out”

These are just a few examples of discriminatory behavior that disabled or as we called differently able people go through everyday, and not just in India, but across the world

Unfortunately this has been one of the biggest dichotomies of our society, for years we (and I mean the fully capable ones!  At least physically capable ones) have felt sad for them, felt bad for them, tried to understand their situation but slowly and subtly cast them away from us as if disability is a contagion that will affect us and our perfect vision of a society.

And while we celebrate Mankind’s resilience and capacity to succeed against all odds, we all but shun differently abled people from our society. And yet we forget, that some of the most brilliant minds have belonged to the “disabled”. We forget that they are incapable, nay..… limited only in their bodies not their minds.

How can we ever forget the contributions to our civilization, to our lives made by the likes of Stephen Hawking, who could not even speak without the aid of a machine, and yet was one of the most brilliant theoretical physicist the world has known, or Helen Keller, a blind and deaf woman, who went on to become a lecturer and an activist, not only that she was one of the leading hand in founding the American Civil Liberties Union, or Beethovon, who is till now considered the greatest composer ever, was deaf, he could now hear music let alone the one that he created and yet he created some of the best symphonies ever!

I can go on and on and the list is endless…. So the million-dollar question perhaps is when we have so many examples, why is it that disabled people while having the same rights as anyone are actually discriminated against?

But this is not the case anymore, after years of struggle by many pioneers and various norms and rules set up by governments across the globe the acceptance has started to come.

Companies like Simran International, today not only employ differently abled people, but whole heartedly accept them, what better example than the fact that their leader and CEO is differently abled person.

The company has flourished as a B2B global leader in the field of leather garment manufacturing under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Rajan Arora, who has suffered from stammering all his life, and yet he is not affected by it, not only that he is a brilliant orator and a great leader.

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