What’s Behind that Jacket?

When we think of buying Leather Jackets, the first thing which catches a hold of our attention is the look and feel of the product. We often miss on to the critical point of the quality when it comes to looks Vs Quality.

We hardly pay attention to the process of making of the garment. What kind of thread is being used or if the fusing is of good quality and what about the cloth? Is it of great quality or not? All of this tends to happen due to our overwhelming faith in the brands we have been relying on, for providing us the utmost superior quality products by using top class quality materials and technology used to manufacture it.

To keep up with the trust of people Renowned brands in National and international market sourcing their apparels from companies like Simran International. We take a great pride in manufacturing quality leather products for almost half a century and producing exclusive leather garments for some of the top brands in the world.

Today, we are known as global leaders in B2B leather garment manufacturing because we have an uncompromising quality standard that we provide to our partner brands, which is passed on to their customers.

Each and every aspect of our garment manufacturing process is top notch and closely monitored, and not just that we use the best quality material to ensure that the final garment is best in class quality.  In this article we would like to talk about 3 materials that pretty much go unnoticed by customers but are essential to the quality of the garment.

These materials are Thread, Interlining and Adhesive.


The thread pretty much goes unnoticed in any leather apparel.  But it is perhaps one of the most crucial elements in garment making. Threads holds the apparel piece together. At Simran International we use filament yarn for its natural strength.  The thickness of the thread has a direct correlation with the thickness of the leather, the tanning of the leather, and the finish of the leather. The objective is to have maximum strength in every stitch and let every stitch be visible like a diamond in a necklace.


The second hidden item is Interlining. One of the only items totally invisible yet one of the most important ones.

Consider building your House without having termite protection on the wood or water proofing on the roof. It’s invisible but its one of the most crucial aspects when constructing a building, without it the building has a lower span of life. The interlining serves pretty much the same purpose.

It is the protection to the garment the maker is giving from the inside.

Simran International uses German made interlining for providing support to the leather from the inside.  The choice of interlining to be used is an applied science, which requires in-depth knowledge of apparel craftsmanship. Each wearable part of the apparel has a different role in terms of stretch, optic and fitting.  The interlining used in the lapel of the apparel piece cannot be the same as used in the hem and vice versa.  Only a skilled craftsman can use the interlining and fuse it perfectly with the garment.  And that brings us to the last material in this article, the Adhesive


Adhesive acts as a cement and mortar in garment manufacturing. It bonds the various parts together and holds it in place till the time thread stitching takes over. It is as vital as thread and interlining.

 The right quality of “adhesive” is very crucial for the garment.  In contrast to what many others would use which is petroleum-based product, toxic to the factory environment and toxic to the garment user, an item made from a depleting natural resource.

On the other hand Simran uses a rubber extract based adhesive. It’s non-toxic, environment friendly, safe for the factory to store and completely natural for the user.  It ensures that there are no wrinkles in the leather panels; it holds the panels, and therefore a higherlongevity.

I am reminded of a famous quote by John Ruskin that Quality is not an accident it is always the result of intelligent effort and at Simran we are continuously making efforts to ensure that our products are always top quality.

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