Chemicals or Tanning agents

Every natural product that goes through processing has been treated with chemicals to arrive at the final product for ages. The industrial revolution gave rise to increasing demands which further gave rise to manufacturing products quicker and cheaper. One of the main products or “ingredients” have been chemicals. And usage of harmful chemicals have over a period of time damaged our planet in irreversible ways. These chemicals have been poured out in our water bodies through direct dumping or have seeped in through to our underground water through soil seepage.

It is then no wonder that hearing the word chemicals usually inspires visions of acids and other harmful chemicals. However, this is quite a myth, chemicals can be categorised as harmful and non harmful. For example: hair colors has “chemicals” but these are neither harmful for the environment nor humans. The food has “preservatives” which are also chemicals but these are edible and non harmful.

The first step in leather manufacturing is the tanning process. Leather tanning over last few decades has come a long way and no longer requires usage of harmful chemicals. In reality these can be termed as “tanning agents”

As long as the leather is verified and certified eco friendly, nothing used in preparation of leather has neither harmed the planet nor humans.

Can the Artificial leather industry manufacturing PU or polyurethene say this with confidence? It’s high time brands realize this and rather than generating profits on artificial leather completely move away from such toxic fabrics for the sake of the planet. It’s not just time to think about it but take actions!

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