Chromium Tanned Leathers Vs Chromium VI

There is often a misconception between CHROME TANNED LEATHERS & CHROMIUM VI.

Both sound scary due to the word CHROME in it, especially after the lawsuit against PG&E in 1993 which ended up in a US$ 300 million settlement. But technically there is a big difference between both of them. But technically there is a big difference between both of them.

But technically there is a big difference between both of them.

Chromium Tanned leathers:

The technical name of this compound is BCS (Basic Chromium Sulphate). It is also known as Chromium Dichromate and/or Chromium Sulfate and comes in Liquid of powder form. It is used to convert the rawhide (pickle form) into Wet blue. In Layman terms, wet blue is a stage where the leather is ready for dyeing and further processing. This chromium salt is used for the purpose of cross-linking the leather fibers.

In layman terms of cooking, using BCS could be termed as adding salt in water for the purpose of making pasta. This usage of Bcs is Non-Carcinogenic, Non-Cancerous, Non-Hazardous.  

Chromium VI:

The oxidation of BCS during tanning converts it to Chromium VI. In lay-man cooking terms, it can be termed as Milk becoming Curd.

This oxidation process ruins the character of BCS and converts into a Toxic form of Chrome VI or Chromium VI.  This oxidation is Cancerous, Cargogenic in nature and leads to irritation on the human skin. Improper handling/processing/tanning of wet blue leads to the oxidation of BCS to Chrome VI/Chromium VI. There could be numerous technical reasons for this oxidation to happen. However, even if this happens a reputable reliable tannery can still control and eliminate Chrome VI during further tanning steps. It is mandatory for any company providing leather articles to ensure that the leather is CHROME VI Free.

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