5 Reasons for an in-house Leather Tannery: The Industry Kitchen

For any manufacturing industry the first level of processing is extremely critical. This is the process where the raw material is readied to be further run through value additions and processes to get the final product.

This process is critical as the quality of the final product depends on it. If the process fails, the final product however meticulously manufactured will not have the desired quality.

Lets look at this through the simple example of a restaurant kitchen.

Ever visited a restaurant that does not have a kitchen? Ever noticed how the food from a restaurant that does not have kitchen, the food just does not feel really fresh? Or as if there is something wrong with the food. Typically you would find places like food courts and fast food places to have such set ups.

But a great restaurant has its own well-established kitchen, pantry and all the right and top quality equipment’s and only then they are able to serve quality fine dinning food. The same can be said about leather garment manufacturing as well.

Lets look at some of main points why a leather manufacturing unit should ideally have it’s own tannery

  • Quality Control
  • Product Consistency
  • Ability to experiment and come up with new techniques
  • Control the tanning process to ensure its environment friendly 
  • Control over origin of raw hide, to ensure that the skins are ethically sourced

We do not say that leather garments cannot be manufactured if you do not have your kitchen or tannery as is the case with leather, however, just like you cannot expect fine quality food from a restaurant that does not have its own kitchen, you cannot expect find quality leather garments from a leather garment manufacturer that does not have it’s own tannery.

It simply means that if you are tanning your own leather using, top quality equipment and resources that are well trained in the art of leather tanning, you create top quality leather, but if you outsource it, you can never be sure of it quality or the process being used.

You cannot have much control on quality, consistency, or even guarantee whether the leather is ethical, or environment friendly.

One of the advantages of Simran is that it’s a backward integrated company. Even before the garment division started, our leather tannery was set up and a solid foundation was laid before going vertical into garments. Simran knew that without a great kitchen, the food might not be as good.

Simran controls and ensures that raw material is ethically sourced, the tanning agents used to process the leather are environment friendly, the machinery used to manufacture the leather is state of the art.

Every ethically global brand realizes the importance of the “kitchen” and thus comes the importance of Simran vis a vis other companies. 

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